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As head of the School of Modern Languages, I am pleased to invite you to participate in our 5th International Conference of Modern Languages: "Crossing Linguistic, Literary, and Cultural Borders", which will take place December 12 – 14, 2016.

While carrying out its academic work, the School of Modern Languages at the University of Costa Rica is witness to the dynamic interaction and convergence of different languages, literature of diverse origins and cultures from the encounter and interaction standpoint of language instruction and acquisition. Thus our students become professionals who speak various languages, acquire linguistic and literary knowledge of diverse cultures, and develop respect for the array of differences and values implicit in foreign language study.

Carrying out such an international event adds to knowledge of these issues, not only benefiting our department, but also the university and country, and the language field as a whole. The School of Modern Languages, with this fifth international conference, continues to open linguistic doors and “literary windows,” and also continues creating cultural bridges to generate and offer versatile, complex, and dynamic perspectives of our modern world. We invite you to “cross borders” with us to leave your footprints on the trails of this enriching linguistic, literary, and cultural journey.

Dr.  Gilda Pacheco Acuña
Department Head, School of Modern Languages

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